There are many things big corporations are good at, like advertising, marketing, and overall reach. But what if you’re not some big budgeted corporation and you need to be on top of your customer service game?

After 20 years in the retail business, I wanted to know just that. How did I get my answers? By going into small businesses, big businesses, and the internet, learning, observing, and experiencing what the good, bad, and the ugly are out there in the world. And we can help you devise a long-term strategies to make your business shine.

Do you have a small business? Is it going the way you want it too? Experiencing slow growth? Have a product you think everyone should know about? But you haven’t seen what you hoped would be a HIT?

There are certain companies, who get it right and then there are those who get it completely wrong. Which are you? Or is your business somewhere in between?

We can help. At Starting at 50, we are a Customer Experience consulting company. We help you attract, gain, and retain repeat business, because the only way we have success, is when you have success.

From groups to one-to-one coaching. We can help the helpless and the hopeful. Give us a call at (727) 835-6923.

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